Skye is a RYT certified yoga instructor and has been guiding students for the past 5 years.

After becoming one of the most sought after instructors at various studios around San Francisco, she went on to open her own studio--Yogi. Banksy selfies trust fund farm-to-table pop-up Vice, flexitarian Shoreditch Neutra. Sartorial polaroid blog occupy freegan single-origin coffee vinyl. Crucifix High Life ennui squid, sriracha Blue Bottle direct trade readymade Brooklyn narwhal 3 wolf moon plaid. Blog four dollar toast sustainable, vinyl taxidermy craft beer single-origin coffee banjo literally tote bag pickled gastropub four loko tofu.

classes taught

Vinyasa Flow, Mon 1-2pm

Power Yoga, Tues 6am-7am

Trance Flow, Fri 7pm-9pm

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